Packing List: What's Working and What's Not

Do you ever think about packing for vacation and feel like you need to buy a whole new wardrobe to fulfill your destiny as "Los Angeles You" or "Denmark You" or " [Insert magical place] You"?

I do this every time I think about packing for anywhere. Even if it's a weekend trip somewhere I've been a million times. I think about the people I'll be with and what they dress like. I think about the events I'm going to and stress about the varying levels of casualness I may need to pull off at any moment. (I think very little about the weather.) 

I fought this urge so much when packing for this trip. I knew I wanted a limited wardrobe that would suit my new structureless lifestyle. Thanks to I learned about capsule wardrobes a few years ago. I've been practicing this new mindset towards shopping for over two years and I'm still really excited about it! 

A capsule wardrobe is about assessing your lifestyle for what it really is. Not your dream lifestyle. I feel as though I accomplished that pretty well in my life in Boston but problems arose when I was trying to pack for my travels. 

What kind of lifestyle would I be leading?

In a way, this was my dream lifestyle. I could be whoever I wanted! There were so many variables to this packing list... weather, car travel clothes, possible office clothes, pajama level comfy to a cocktail dress.  In the end, this is what I ended up with.

After two months on the road I think I'm ready to admit what's working and what's not. 

My (current) favorite outfit

Current Favorite Outfit_2.jpg

Four Things I Haven't Touched

Lessons Learned:

  • Everything in my "untouched" category is a dress! I spend a lot of time alone at my desk. The basic pieces are my go to's in Nashville.
  • If I didn't wear it in Boston, I'm probably not going to wear it anywhere else in the country. 
  • If I want to be a "new me" buy some purple lipstick. (I did this, btw. This is what it looks like.)
  • Since basics are my go-to's... I need some practice refreshing them. I'm going to put more effort into changing up my linen tees with different scarves so it doesn't feel like I'm barely getting dressed every day. 

I imagine my style will grow with each new city (if for nothing else than the weather) but now that I'm a few months into this trip I can be more honest with myself about the realities of my life. Relaxed, casual, comfortable. That's my Nashville wardrobe mantra.