Photo by Jason Oliveira

Photo by Jason Oliveira

That's me! I'm Kate, a graphic designer traveling around the United States for the next year in search of a new place to live. 


Follow up questions? Here are some things my mom asked me: 

You're doing WHAT? Why are you leaving me?
There comes a time when the eagle has to leave the nest and soar through the air (or the road in my case.) But really, I need some fodder for new and exciting work and I've barely seen the United States! God Bless America and everything, ya know?

But... why not just move back home?
That's the same question, Mom! Stop embarrassing me on my website! 

Fine. What's your plan?
Exploration. Other than a very loose list of stops, I have no real agenda for the next year. I want to stay in these cities for a few months at a time. I want to design some cool stuff. I want to see places I've never seen. I want to meet people whose paths I otherwise never would've crossed. Come back to the site and I'll share it with you!

Will you be working?
I sure hope so! I'll be doing freelance design work over the course of the trip. If you know anyone who needs design help please email me at  

Where are you going?
I plan to live in:

Nashville, TN
Austin, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Portland, OR
Boulder, CO
Chicago, IL
Burlington, VT

But I'll be making many stops in between! 

Do you even know anyone in those cities?
I don't! Fill out this form to put me in touch with your lovely friends all around the country!